On Average, Jonnys Good Nature is About 10 Times Higher in Natural Prebiotic Resistant Starch Than Other Green Banana Flours on the Market Today

Research Done for Over the Past 35 Years & More Than 200 Clinical Studies Have Successfully Shown That Natural Sources of Resistant Starch Have Excellent Benefits for Digestive Health, Improved Insulin Sensitivity, Strengthening the Intestinal Barrier, Enhanced Satiety & More.

Green Banana Flour is The Best Source of Resistant Starch From Food, & While There Are Many Green Banana Flour Options on the Market Today, Only Jonnys Good Nature Has A Whopping 60% Natural Resistant Starch (Minimum) Per Gram.

This Makes Jonnys Good Nature Not Only The Highest Resistant Starch Prebiotic Green Banana Flour on The Market Today, But it is Also Among The Highest in Any Product Overall.

Additionally, Unlike Inulin, FOS, and Other Prebiotic Resistant Starch Products, Natural Resistant Starch From Organic Green Bananas Will Not Cause an Upset Stomach (i.e. gas, bloating, etc.).

Jonnys Good Nature is Only Made From Fresh Picked, Whole, Peeled, (Regular or Organic) Green Bananas. They Then Undergo A Special & Very Delicate Drying Process Which Allows Them to Retain A High Quantity of Natural Resistant Starch.