Jonnys Good Nature Organic Ultra High Resistant Starch Green Banana Flour | Organic Green Banana Powder | 100% Organic High Resistant Starch Whole Fruit Flour | 60% Resistant Starch Per Gram (Minimum)

Introducing Jonnys Good Nature Organic Ultra High Resistant Starch Premium Pulverized Green Bananas

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Between 2 & 12 Times Higher in Natural Prebiotic Resistant Starch Than Any Other Green Banana Flour on the Market Today [Worldwide]

Watch This Short Video to Learn More About The Amazing Health Benefits of Resistant Starch: BY CSIRO

About Natural Resistant Starch Type 2

There Are 4 Types of Resistant Starch.

[TYPE 1] Is Found Trapped Within the Cell Walls of Foods Such as Legumes, Seeds, & Intact Whole Grains for Example.

[TYPE 2] Is a Granular Starch & is Found in Foods Such as Green Bananas & Raw Potatoes.

[TYPE 3] Is a Retrograded Starch Which is Found in Some Cooked & Cooled Starchy Foods.

[TYPE 4] Is Man-made, &  Not Found in Nature.

The Highest Source of Naturally Occurring Resistant Starch is Found in Green Bananas, & they Offer Essential Metabolic Health Benefits.

Additionally, TYPE 2 from Green Bananas is One of the Best Forms of Resistant Starch Because it's Insoluble, Slowly Fermented, & Does Not Cause Digestive Side Effects (i.e bloating, gas, etc.) as is Often Reported by Some Other Forms of Resistant Starch, Such as Inulin, & FOS for Example.  

Resistant Banana Starch is a Whole Food, 100% Natural, Contains Potassium & Magnesium, & is Overall More Nutritious than Some of the Other Forms as Well, Such as Raw (or Unmodified) Potato Starch.

It's Less Processed than Unmodified Potato Starch, Doesn't Contain any Anti-Nutrients Which are Found in Some Potatoes, and Doesn't Use any Harsh Chemicals Such as is Sometimes Used in the Extraction Process of Raw Potato Starch.

GOOD TO KNOW: Resistant Starch Will Read on a Facts Panel as Fiber, So if a Product Claims to Have 5 Grams of Resistant Starch Per Serving, it Should also Show at Least 5 Grams of Fiber Per Serving; Just Some Good Information to Keep in Mind.

A Professor & Chief of Obesity Medicine Said...

“Resistant Starch Lowers Blood Sugar ­After a Meal, Helps ­Reduce Appetite, is Anti-­inflammatory, Improves Gut Health, & May Possibly Even Help Prevent Colon Cancer."

Jamie Kane, M.D. | Director of The Northwell Health Center for Weight Management | Chief of Obesity Medicine

"Research Confirms The Benefits of Resistant Starch"

"I’m Weary of Overhyped Ingredients That Promise all Sorts of Health Miracles, But Resistant Starch Has Enough Research to Substantiate its Benefits for Gut Health, Blood Sugar Management, & So Much More."

Dr. B.J. Hardick | Dr. of Chiropractic, Organic Foodie, & Fanatic For Green Living & Earthly Sustainability

"The Benefits Go Way Beyond Gut Health"

"Beyond Optimizing Gut Flora & Lowering Inflammation, Resistant Starch Can Reduce Insulin Resistance, Potentially Lower Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels, Make You Feel Full Faster, & Reduce Overeating & Fat Storage."

Vincent M. Pedre, M.D. | Gut Health Specialist & Best-Selling Author

Blood Sugar, The Glycemic Index, & Cooking With Green Bananas

Resistant Banana Starch has Successfully been Shown to Promote Insulin Sensitivity & Aid in Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels. Because Insulin is Instrumental in Promoting Fat Storage & Weight Gain, Lowering Insulin Levels Has Important Metabolic Benefits Beyond Blood Sugar Management.

The Glycemic Index is a Rating System that Measures How Foods that Contain Carbohydrates Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels. The Lower the Rating, the Less the Affect is On Your Blood Sugar.

As Bananas Ripen, They Turn from Green to Yellow to Brown. The More a Banana Ripens, the Higher the Sugar Content Becomes, the Lower the Resistant Starch Content Becomes, & the Higher the Banana Will Rank on The Glycemic Index Chart.

When Green Bananas & Green Banana Flours are Heated Past 140° F, the Resistant Starch Generally Turns to Sugar, Which Also Causes Them to Rank Higher on the Glycemic Index Chart, Just Like a Fully Ripened or Brown Banana.

Because Jonnys Good Nature Organic Premium Pulverized Green Bananas are Carefully Dried Through a Special & Delicate Drying Process to Preserve the High Levels of Natural Resistant Starch, it's Recommended not to Heat it Past 140° F to Keep the Strong Health Benefits of the Resistant Starch within the Product, (although some amount of resistant starch can be retained in low moisture baking applications).

On the Other Hand, this Green Banana Flour can Easily Fulfill any Application that any Other Green Banana Flour can; as a Gluten Free Flour for Baking, & as a Thickening & Binding Agent Should Anyone Decide to Use it For Either of Those Purposes. Learn More About the Different Types of Green Banana Flours & Their Functions in the Next Section.

The Different Types of Green Banana Flour & Their Uses

As a Result of all of the Excellent Applications of Green Banana Flours, There are Several Different Varieties Available on the Market.

Some Are Best Used for Gluten Free Baking, Others as a Thickening or Binding Agent for Soups, Sauces, etc., & Still Others are Best Used Solely for the Health Benefits of the Resistant Starch They Contain. 

Because all of the Different Types are Generally Labeled the Same, Simply as "Green Banana Flour," It's Important to Know Why You Want it, What Function You Want it to Serve, How They are Different, & How to Tell the Difference Between Them.

Some Green Banana Flours May Have Little to No Resistant Starch in Them Because of the Way They are Dried. Some May Promote "Resistant Starch" on their Product Packaging, However those Products May Have a Very Minimal Amount of Resistant Starch When Taking a Closer Look.

Remember, Resistant Starch Will Show on a Supplement Facts Panel or Nutrition Facts Panel as "Fiber." For Example, if a Product Claims to Have Resistant Starch in it, Has 30 Grams of Weight per Serving, & Also Shows 4 Grams of Fiber Per Serving, then that Product Contains No More Than 13% Resistant Starch Per Serving, Because 4 is About 13% of 30. This is a Good General Rule to Go By.

(This Example Assumes However that all of The Fiber Per Serving Qualifies as "Resistant Starch Fiber" & Not Fiber From Another Source. In That Case it May Have Even Less Than 13%.)

There Are Three Levels of Benefits From Supplementing With Natural Resistant Banana Starch

Use The Chart to Achieve Your Desired Results

Supplement With Just 1 Tablespoon of Jonnys Good Nature Per Day for Increased Health & General Wellness.

Supplement with Only 2 Tablespoons a Day to Promote Regularity, Satiety (feelings of fullness longer after a meal causing one to eat less throughout the day), & Increased Fat Burning. 

Supplement With as Little as 3 Tablespoons a Day to Promote Insulin Sensitivity, Intestinal Health, Kidney Health, & Other Metabolism Benefits!

Use Jonnys Good Nature to Achieve Health Benefits of Resistant Starch | 5 Grams Health & Wellness | 10 Grams Regularity, Satiety, & Fat Burning | 15 Grams Insulin Sensitivity, Intestinal Health, Kidney Health, & Other Metabolism Benefits
Jonnys Good Nature Organic High Resistant Starch Supplement Facts Panel | 5 Grams Of Resistant Starch Per Serving | 1 Gram of Net Carbs Per Serving | Only 6 Calories Per Serving | One Serving Only 8 Grams Net Weight

Supplement Facts & Certifications

1 Tablespoon of Jonnys Good Nature is Equal to 1 Serving. Each Serving Weighs Approx. 8 Grams, of Which 6 Grams are Fiber & 5 Grams are Resistant Starch. Additionally, Each Serving Has Only 6 Calories. Jonnys Good Nature's Organic Green Banana Flour is Certified Organic, & [All Versions Are Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, GMP Certified, & Low Carb, Paleo & Keto Friendly]. Because the Resistant Starch is Not Isolated or Extracted (like raw potato starch for example), Jonnys Good Nature is Minimally Processed & Uses No Harsh Chemicals in Its Processes.

About Jonnys Good Nature

Jonnys Good Nature Is a Clean Label Food Line Combining an Extensive History of Culinology, Nutrition, & The Latest Efforts in Human Health Research.

Understanding Both the Science that Makes up Healthy Foods and Their Functions in the Body, JGN Aims to Deliver Leading Quality Food Products Which are Equal Parts Unique, Nutritious, & Delicious!


"Food Is the Most Important of All Things For the Body; Therefore It is The Best Medicine For All of the Body's Ailments!"

~ Upanishads

It is Difficult to Live Happily Without Being Healthy, & Being Healthy Begins With Our Food Choices.

We Can Choose to be Healthy Simply by Choosing the Right Foods to Eat in the Right Amounts, Grown Under the Right Conditions, & Prepared in the Right Ways.


When Convenience Food Appeared on the Market, All Types of Things Began Being Added to Foods in an Effort to Make Them Last Longer, Still Taste Good, Have Desirable Textures, & Require Almost no Effort to Prepare. We Now See That Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, & More Can all be Directly Linked to Many of Those Foods. Therefore, JGN Believes in Using Only Non-GMO, Quality Verified Ingredients From Verified & Trusted Reputable Suppliers.

(Keep An Eye Out For Additional Product Launches!)